The Quest For Unity

English: A Protestant Church altar decorated f...
English: A Protestant Church altar decorated for Pentecost with red burning candles and red banners and altar cloth depicting the fire and sound of blowing wind of the Holy Spirit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The spiritual climate of our nation is increasingly dry concerning a fresh move of the Holy Spirit. It is the mandate of committed church leaders to speak out against abuse, violence, and evil wherever it begins to flourish. It is our duty as leaders to pray for our government and to help alter policies that would hinder the church and society at large.

The continuing struggle in the Christian world today is unity. Jesus’ high priestly prayer in John 17, echoes the passion of Our Lord as He prayed for unity among His disciples, the world, and the Godhead. We are so divided over doctrine, government, worship, and Christian living that it will actually take a miracle to unite us back together. No wonder discipleship has become a thing of the past as the new past time is marketing and recruitment for entertainment, not conviction for change. It’s as if we have given up on bringing people into the church anymore. Instead we want to shift people around church circles and compete for the best gifts.

It is my desire to develop this group into a well-defined order that understands that being a Church Leader entails more than just getting vestments, documents and appointments. There are also standards of excellence and accountability that comes with the promotions sought after. With different fractions in the church debating bout legitimacy and order, where can we rest among the varied opinions being offered? Meaning, are we as doctrinally sound as we look and claim?

The foundational glue in the church world today has to be the teaching ministry. Without it we can’t grow or mature. Unless we can unite prophets and teachers, we will never unlock the revelations yet to come. The prophetic announcements of promised prosperity and blessings mean nothing if we don’t embrace the regulations that are required to enjoy all these great blessings.

If churches today are continually divided over doctrine, worship, and government, what can we be united by? Let’s examine. Two of the most polarizing doctrinal issues today are “Baptism” and “Communion.” What should be the two pillars that strengthen the Christian Faith has become the most divisive topics in the church world today. Just these two topics have caused splits, fueled debates, and ignited reformations and rebellions worldwide.

I want to start discussion on these two issues and hopefully come to some sort of unity statement. While I do believe we will never come to grips on some unified consensus on doctrine, I do remain hopeful that we will approach truth with a open mind and heart to begin to comprehend where we are and where we are going.


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