emblem of the Papacy: Triple tiara and keys Fr...

The Global Conference of Bishops seeks to have no authority in matters of doctrine, liturgy or internal administration over any member leader or organization. It is simply our commitment to fellowship, educate, and advise accordingly. It is my desire as the patriarch of this body of leaders to see to it that we get combined exposure to Theological Terms, Church History, and Canon Law to propel us into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. to train and educate newly appointed and seasoned Bishops with a strong emphasis on healthy family development. We will accomplish this goal by providing Seminars, Workshops, and times for Fellowship and Spiritual Covering for those who seek a standard of excellence in ministry

The main objective is to serve as an ecumenical conclave of enhancement and growth for the college and welcome new members to the Episcopal Order.

The GCB will schedule its conclave per the mandate of the membership with its focus on the continuing education of each episcopate in an atmosphere that is non-intimidating. It will be our goal that the Bishops who attended the Alliance will leave with an assurance of their position, the dignity of their office and prepared to preside in their reformation or fellowship with the disposition of a learned episcopate, able to stand with any Bishop from any denomination.


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