Bishop D Myles Golphin
Archbishop Dennis M. Golphin


Bishop Dennis Myles Golphin is the ECUMENICAL PATRIARCH of  The Global Conference of Bishops, Raleigh, NC.  He received his consecration to the bishopric in the spring of 1997 under the Gnostic Greek Orthodox Church in Johannesburg, South Africa.  He was enthroned as archbishop on Saturday, July 19th, 2014.  Because of his simplistic and expository style of teaching, he is able to effectively minister to many ethnic barriers. He prefers to use his Episcopal title (Bishop Dennis Myles Golphin) for ministry and his academic title (Dr. Dennis M. Golphin) for scholastic purposes. Bishop Golphin resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife, Elect Lady Sharon Lorraine Golphin.

Bishop Dennis Myles Golphin is a world-renowned Conference teacher, scholar, musician, entrepreneur, and Bible translator whose audio tapes and Position papers have been translated into more than thirty languages across the world. He also currently serves as President of Living In Favor Global Network and Global Kingdom Governors Leadership Institute. Bishop Golphin has ministered in over 65 nations over the last 35 years and he has been ministering the gospel for over fifty years and he is oldest of three sons of the late Bishop Milledge and Alice M. Golphin, Baltimore, MD.

Bishop Golphin has emerged as a leading Biblical expert and historian on the episcopacy and early church development. He travels globally preparing leaders and training students. His preparation for ministry has afforded him quite an impressive list of credentials over his 54 years in ministry including doctorates ranging from Christian Education to Sacred Theology (from various institutions globally); along with some 19 honorary degrees.

Currently, he is also a co-founder of The Graduate School of Episcopal Studies.

++ Dennis M. Golphin

2 thoughts on “PATRIACH

  1. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of sitting in the teaching presence of Archbishop when he came to Indianapolis to do a Leadership Conference last year. His teachings are still with me as he led us through a scriptural journey through God’s Word and fostered a yearning in me to be a Godly and God minded leader.

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