Abp Dennis Myles Golphin, Th.D. Ph.D. OSP

Bishop D Myles Golphin
Archbishop Dennis M. Golphin

Biographical Sketch

Archbishop Dennis Myles Golphin received his call in the ministry at an early age and has been serving the Body of Christ for over 55 years and has become an international bible scholar and authority on early church history and biblical apologetics. He is the oldest of three sons of the late Bishop Milledge and Alice Golphin, of Baltimore, MD.  He is also happily married to Lady Sharon L. Golphin and is the father of two daughters and one son. As principal celebrant in worship, Archbishop became an accomplished musician and International Worship Leader. Having traveled much of the world for over 30 years, he has a global perspective regarding his current and future roles, and assignments. In his youth, Archbishop came from a small local Pentecostal-Apostolic tradition in Baltimore, MD where he cultivated a thirst to learn outside of his culture, ethnicity, and faith traditions. This openness to knowledge from every viable source has produced a cleric for this age in which we live and serves as an example to be emulated.

Archbishop Dennis Myles Golphin is the Ecumenical Patriarch for Global Conference of Bishops and President, Living In Favor (LIF) Global Network and founder of DMG Professional Services, a national consulting firm for churches and ministries. He also serves as co-founder of The Graduate School of Episcopal Studies. Archbishop Golphin has emerged as a leading Biblical expert and he travels globally preparing leaders and training students. Known as the Pastor’s Pastor and a spiritual father, his fame has spread and grown over the years as he has established and helped establish churches, ministries, and organizations along with birthing sons and daughters worldwide.

Archbishop Golphin received his consecration to the episcopacy in the spring of 1997 under the Gnostic Greek Orthodox Churches in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was later elevated as metropolitan archbishop in July 2014. Later, he was given patriarchal status in May 2016.

Archbishop Golphin by way of scholarship and academic prowess has gained experience and expertise in various areas of the ministry.  He holds several advanced degrees. He did not seek these for vainglory or pride but were merely tools he believed that could help him the most in serving the kingdom of God. He studied Reformed, Evangelical, and Pentecostal disciplines that would advance him in kingdom building. His focus is on cultivating servant-leaders in strategic areas to strengthen and edify the church. To that end, Archbishop Golphin had to learn, not only to develop mastery and expertise, but the methods to share and educate.  He became a master of the art of simplification of profound theological themes and concepts. Realizing knowledge, he gained had no value unless he could pass it on to others, His motto became “Nothing is taught until something is learned.”








2 thoughts on “Abp Dennis Myles Golphin, Th.D. Ph.D. OSP

  1. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of sitting in the teaching presence of Archbishop when he came to Indianapolis to do a Leadership Conference last year. His teachings are still with me as he led us through a scriptural journey through God’s Word and fostered a yearning in me to be a Godly and God minded leader.

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