GCOB Membership

GCOB is designed to be a membership communion that is designed to offer education and accountability to leaders to better equip them for kingdom business and witness.

SILVER MEMBERSHIP – This is our entry-level membership that is open to all Episcopal and Apostolic leaders including overseers, bishop-elects, bishops, and Apostles and Prophets. Silver members will receive status updates, discounts, and must sign in to receive certain benefits.

GOLD MEMBERSHIP – This is our qualified level and individuals who sign up on this level will have to be vetted through our application process an certified by our Executive Board. Gold members will be admitted into our General Assembly and given voting right.

PURPLE MEMBERSHIP – Is our intercommunion fellowship. This level is designed for fellowships, organizations, and communions whose leaders have qualified as a Gold member or higher and whose values and ethics aline with the goals of the GCOB. Groups at this level will be awarded an Inter-communion agreement.

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP – This level is designed for senior Patriarchs to provide collective wisdom and guidance to the GCOB through our International House of Episcopal and Apostolic Leaders.

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