Archbishop Anthony W. Slater

Bishop Slater is the Establishmentarian and Senior Pastor of Tehillah Church Ministries in Goldsboro, North Carolina, where he and his congregation are “Empowering People to Overcome:’ With over 30 years of ministerial experience, he is striving to fulfill his destiny in the Kingdom of God. Having served under prophets such as Prophet Todd Hall, Bishop Slater operates very accurately in the prophetic.

Tehillah Church Ministries is also a shelter to those who have been forgotten and left behind; to provide guidance; and to promote a lifestyle of salvation during a time when it seems that Christian living is less than popular. His ministry concentrates in the following areas: purpose, excellence, worship and praise, servant hood, and leadership. Tehillah Church Ministries continues to be on the cutting edge of true ministry; moving in the direction that God has assigned… to Kingdom Ministry. Through many years of instruction and training in the
area of servant hood, Bishop Slater has become an authority on the Ministry of Helps with emphasis on
training Adjutants, Armorbearers, Handmaidens, and Spiritual Protocol.

He was privileged to sit at the feet of Apostle Walter L. Barbour who mentored him in dealing with ministry
relationships, which assisted in equipping the people of God to build the Kingdom. Having been appointed to
the bishopric, Bishop Slater was then sought out by church leaders across the nation to assist them in their
endeavors of church leadership. Bishop Slater is the Presiding Bishop of Tehillah International Fellowship.
He formerly served as Bishop of Protocol. He is also the Bishop of Episcopacy of the International Alliance of
Bishops based in Raleigh, NC. This alliance is headed by Archbishop Bishop D Myles Golphin. Bishop Slater
has become a part of this fellowship because it has identified the legitimacy of the office of bishop. He is
responsible for the training and instruction of the adjutants that assist their Bishops. He is also a member of the
Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops where His Eminence, Archbishop J. Delano Ellis is the

He is the author of a five book series entitled “The Ultimate Leader” with titles such as The Servant, The
Worshipping Servant Leader, Moments of Higher Thought, Ascending Steps of Higher Thought and The
Awakening; Spirit, Soul and Body. Bishop Slater received ministerial training at Pilgrim Theological Institute
of Brooklyn, N.Y., Supernatural School of Deliverance in Clinton N.J., and Victory Faith Center School of
Ministry in Goldsboro, NC., and received his Religious Philosophy Doctorate (Ph.D.) at Tabernacle Bible
College located in Tampa, Fl.

On January 15, 2018, a conclave of the Global Conference of Bishops and the Ecumenical Patriarch,
Archbishop Dennis M. Golphin, decided that they would elevate Bishop Slater to the position of Archbishop
Metropolitan. This elevation is scheduled to take place on August 4, 2018.

The parents of Bishop Slater are the late Reginald Slater of Brooklyn, NY and Madeline Slater of Goldsboro,
NC. He is the husband of Pastor Elizabeth “Betty” Slater; they reside in Goldsboro, NC and are the spiritual
parents of a number of sons and daughters in the ministry.