Abp Sterling Lands, II D. Div.

Archbishop Sterling Lands, II serves as co-patriarch of the Global Conference of Bishops.

Dr. Sterling Lands, II, author of “The Main Ingredient”, and “Inside Out”,
is an international consultant and educator with a primary focus of
developing and maintaining families of high integrity and strengthening
children’s character, self-worth and achievement. A dynamic speaker,
he has presented keynote addresses, and workshops to groups in the
USA, South Africa, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Canada, Germany, and West

Undergrad, Southern University School of Engineering, B R, La; Post grad, Master’s International School of Divinity. Corporate career covers 30 years as Project Engineer, Project Manager, Manager of Engineering and Construction, Director of Engineering, and Director of Operations for
Fortune 500 companies. He is a Managerial Analytics Specialist, a Certified Nonviolent Conflict Resolution Specialist and a Registered Professional Engineer.

Dr. Lands is the President of ANAK Consultants and serves as Senior Pastor at the Greater Calvary Bible Church. He also serves as the Presiding Bishop of the Family Life International Fellowship and PresidingPrelate of the Archdiocese of Saint John the Baptist, Evangelical Episcopal Communion, USA. He and his wife Mable were married in 1967, they have two sons and ten grandchildren.