Abp Van Gayton, Th.D. D.Min.

Archbishop Van B, Gayton serves as co-Patriarch for the Global Conference of Bishops. Abp Van B. Gayton was first ordained in the COGIC in 1983. He, later on, became an ordained Episcopal priest in the Evangelical Communion of Churches in 1996 and then a consecrated a Bishop in apostolic succession in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He became the archbishop and founder of the International Community of Christian Churches. Dr. Gayton has an earned doctorate, D Min. from Reformed Theological Seminary in Oveida, Florida. He also is presently the academic

Dean of GKG.

Archbishop has been on the board of governors for the Institute for Religion and Public Policy from Washington DC and the Society of Pentecostal Studies.

Presently he is a member of the Society of Evangelical Armenians.