For God’s Sake, Can We Talk?


In today’s climate, it is almost impossible to have a rational conversation about racism. The main thesis of this book is to facilitate discussions of unity through truth. The only way we are going to bring down the wall between the Black and White churches in America is through a Gospel-centered redemptive dialogue. This however, immediately brings up two pertinent questions. First, what is the gospel? Secondly, what is a redemptive dialogue? I will cover the good news consisting of four theological parts: the Creation of the universe, the fall of man, redemption, and consummation of all things. America is at a crossroad that the church should take serious. We need to become reconciled, which is “the one new man”, made up of both genders and all ethnicities, to model the love of God that Paul teaches in Ephesians. Then and only then will we be able to become the salt and light to the rest of America.